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The Snowman

The Snowman

by Mark Warner
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One winter’s night, a snowman comes to life and an unforgettable adventure begins.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • ‘One winter’s night, a snowman comes to life and a magical adventure begins…’. Use this idea as the starting point for your own story.
  • Watch the animated version of the story. Which do you prefer? Why?

  • Make a list of the similarities and the differences between the book and the animated movie.
  • Compare this book to the sequel: The Snowman and the Snowdog. Write a review of your favourite.
  • Use the images of the boy making the snowman to write a sequence of instructions that teach others how to make the perfect snowman.
  • Choose a series of images and write captions to accompany each one. Use time words (e.g. first, next, then, after, later, finally) to show the sequence of events.
  • Think of speech / thought bubbles and captions to accompany some of the images.
  • Retell the story from the boy’s point of view (or from the point of view of the Snowman).
  • Think of some questions that you would like to ask the boy. How might he respond?
  • Write a newspaper article about strange sightings of a flying snowman.
  • Could you write a play script that retells this story (or a part of it)?
  • Write an alternative ending for the story and imagine a new adventure that the boy and snowman could have together.


  • Why can’t the snowman go near the fireplace? Use this as the starting point for discussions about temperature, freezing and melting.


  • Create a game in which a snowman has to fly through the air to reach a particular point.
  • Design an app to accompany this story. What activities could it have?
  • Use publishing software to create your own comic strip.
  • A trailer for ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ is shown below. Could you make a trailer for ‘The Snowman’?

  • This video shows an ‘animatic’ (which is an animated storyboard). Could you make an animatic based on your own story?

Design Technology

  • Use a range of materials to make your own model of a snowman.
  • Design (and make) a new set of clothes for the snowman.


  • Could you make your own comic strip that retells a story without words?
  • Imagine that you were flying in the air with the snowman and draw a picture of the view below you.


  • Could you rehearse and perform the song ‘Walking in the Air’ to an audience?


  • This book was first published in 1978. How has life changed since then? How is the boy’s childhood in 1978 likely to be similar / different to your childhood today?


  • Think of different kinds of emotions and choose images from the book that show them (e.g. excitement, wonder, despair, fear).

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