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The Pig in the Pond

The Pig In The Pond

by Mark Warner
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One day, Neligan’s pig sits by the pond watching the ducks and geese play on the cool water. The pig gets hotter and hotter; the ducks and the geese get louder and louder. Then Neligan’s pig does something quite unheard of – she jumps in the pond.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Think of other story titles which include alliteration, e.g. The Dog in the Dairy, The Snake in the School. Could you write some of these stories?
  • Think about the use of apostrophes in “Neligan’s pig” and “Neligan’s farm”. Why have they been used?
  • Make a list of words that mean the same as ‘hot’ and ‘cold’.
  • Think of words and phrases that describe how people feel when they are really hot or really cold. Can you think of any similes / metaphors?
  • Find out about onomatopoeia and make a list of relevant words. ‘Quack’, ‘honk’ and ‘oink’ can be used to start your list. Can you think of any others?
  • Look at the illustrations and think of some speech / thought bubbles for each character.
  • Write a newspaper article about the events in the story.
  • Can you find any rhyming words in the book?


  • Explore the forces that are taking place when the pig jumps into the pond.


  • Plan and record a weather forecast for the day that the pig jumps into the pond. Can you use a presentation tool / green screening to display weather images and maps?

Design Technology

  • Design a machine that will help the pig to keep cool in hot weather.


  • Design a new waistcoat for Neligan.
  • Draw a picture of a big splash!
  • Work as a class to create a life-sized picture of a pig.
  • Make a storyboard that retells the main events of the story. Can you cut up your storyboard, jumble the events and ask a friend to put them together in the right order?


  • Draw a map of Neligan’s farm.
  • It is hot on the day when Neligan’s pig jumps into the pond. Find out about different types of weather. Can you find the weather forecast for your area?

Physical education

  • The story explains that pigs don’t swim. Can you make a poster to encourage people to learn how to swim?

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