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The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic

by Mark Warner
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Mrs Grinling is the best cook in the world and Mr Grinling likes nothing better than to taste her delicious treats. But when he over-indulges at the village picnic, he finds himself in a pickle and suddenly wishes he hadn’t eaten quite so much.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a job description for the lighthouse keeper’s assistant. What different types of jobs would he have to do?
  • Mr Grinling describes Mrs Grinlings food as ‘delicious and delectable’. Can you think of other words that might be used to describe food?
  • Make a poster to advertise the village picnic.
  • Make a menu to show the wonderful food on offer at the village picnic.
  • Make a persuasive poster to encourage Mr Grinling to eat more healthy foods.
  • Imagine that you went on the balloon ride with Mr and Mrs Grinling. What words would you use to describe the experience?
  • There are lots of books in this series. Could you write a new story featuring these characters?


  • Make a timetable showing the different activities that Mr Grinling does during the week.
  • How many seagulls can you count in the illustrations?


  • Plan some healthy (and tasty) meals for Mr Grinling to eat.
  • Think of different ways to encourage people to live more healthily. Can you make a poster to teach them about healthy living?
  • Look at the illustration of Mr Grinling floating on his back by the rock pool. What creatures might you find in a rock pool?
  • Find out how hot air balloons work. Could you explain this to a friend? Watch this video for some ideas:


  • Use publishing software to make a poster to advertise the village picnic.
  • Use painting software to decorate a picture of a hot air balloon (see Resources below).

Design Technology

  • Can you design your own hot air balloon?


  • Draw / paint a picture of the view that Mr and Mrs Grinling have from the balloon ride.
  • Make a picture of a balloon floating in the air. Use photos of balloons to help you (see Resources below).
  • Colour a picture of a hot air balloon (see Resources below).
  • Look at photos of seagulls and use these as the starting point for your own drawings of them (see Resources below).
  • Mr and Mrs Grinling stay out overnight and see the sun setting. Can you paint your own picture of a sunset?


  • Mr Grinling likes to hum little tunes while he eats. Can you compose a little tune that he might like to hum?


  • Look on a map and find the locations of different lighthouses. Which one could Mr and Mrs Grinling live in?
  • Make a story map showing the different places mentioned in the story and labelled with the things that happened there.

Physical education

  • Plan some different sports activities that the people can try at the picnic. Can you organise a big picnic and sports event for children in your class / school?
  • Plan an exercise routine to help Mr Grinling lose some weight.


Hot Air Balloon Photos

Hot Air Balloon Photos

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Hot Air Balloon Colouring

Hot Air Balloon Colouring Page

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Hot Air Balloon Colouring

Hot Air Balloon Image

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Seagull Photos

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