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The Drama Llama

The Drama Llama

by Mark Warner
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Alex Allen, like lots of children, sometimes worried about things – like dancing badly or getting an answer wrong in class. But unlike many children, every time he worries, a real-life llama appears! And the more Alex worries, the bigger Llama grows… which starts getting him into all sorts of trouble!
Will Alex ever learn how to control his worries and get rid of this pesky llama?


  • ‘Drama’ and ‘Llama’ are rhyming words. Can you think of other books with rhyming words in their titles (e.g. The Cat in the Hat, Room on the Broom)? Could you make up your own rhyming book titles?
  • Find all of the rhyming words throughout the book and use them to create a rhyming dictionary.
  • Retell the story from Alex’s (or the llama’s) point of view.
  • Create a set of instructions to teach people how to look after the Drama Llama.
  • Think of some questions that you would like to ask Alex. How might he respond?
  • Write a newspaper article about a llama that won an egg-and-spoon race.
  • Write your own story about the adventures that you (or another character) might have with a crazy llama.


  • Find out more about llamas and write a report about them.


  • Create a multimedia presentation to teach people about llamas.
  • Create a poster that has ideas to help people deal with their worries. Use the ideas in the back of the book as a starting point.
  • Make a game in which Alex tries to run away from the Drama Llama.
  • Design an app that people could use to relax when they are feeling worried about something.

Design Technology:

  • Could you create a model of a drama llama that you could talk to when you are feeling worried about something?
  • Design a shelter that the Drama Llama could stay in when Alex is no longer worried about things.
  • Create a worry box that you can use to post notes about your worries.


  • Look at photos of llamas and try to create your own pictures in the style of different artists (e.g. Seurat, Arcimboldo, Monet, Dali).
  • Make a sculpture of a llama, using similar techniques to Andy Goldsworthy.


  • Make a playlist of music that people could listen to when they are feeling worried.


  • Create a story map that shows the place where Alex lives and the locations of the events that happened in the story.


  • Look at the illustration on the first page of the story. Could you create a similar image to show yourself and some pictures of things that you sometimes worry about?
  • Make a diary that shows some things that have worried you in the past week.

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