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The Bowerbird

The Bowerbird

by Mark Warner
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Bert the bowerbird has made the most perfect bower nest, complete with a pretty purple flower, and is hoping it will help him to meet the bird of his dreams. But will all his efforts to create a beautiful display be enough to win over Nanette?


  • Retell the story from Bert’s point of view.
  • Make a list of all of the rhyming words in the book. Can you think of other words that rhyme with each one?
  • Rewrite some of the direct speech as reported speech.
  • Write a new story in which one character tries to impress another. Will it end in the same way as this story?
  • Think of some speech / thought bubbles for Bert and Nanette throughout the story.
  • Could you turn the story (or part of it) into a play script and perform it to an audience?
  • Try some role-play activities. Pretend to be Bert, Nanette, Claude or Jean and interview them about what happened in the story.
  • Make a list of words and phrases to describe a bowerbird. Use these to create a poem about them.
  • Watch this ‘read along’ video. Could you record your own?


  • Research the topic of bowerbirds and write a report about them.


  • Make a game in which a bird has to fly around and collect different objects.
  • Make a written / multimedia / video presentation about bowerbirds.

Design Technology:

  • Could you design and build a bower for Bert? What materials could you use?
  • Watch this video showing a bowerbird making its bower. Could you use sticks / straws to make your own?

  • Could you create a model of a bowerbird?
  • Make some puppets of Bert and Nanette and use them to retell the story to an audience.


  • Look at some photos of bowerbirds (see Downloads below). Use these as inspiration for your own drawings and paintings.
  • Retell this story in the form of a comic strip.
  • This video shows Catherine Rayner painting the Bowerbird. Could you use similar techniques to paint your own picture?


  • Compose a tune to accompany parts of this rhyming story.


  • Find out where bowerbirds usually live and try to find this on a map.


  • While he was away, all of Bert’s things were stolen. How did this make him feel? Why isn’t it nice to take things that belong to other people?
  • Bert tries to impress Nanette with lots of different things. Have you ever done something special to impress another person?


Bowerbird Photos

Bowerbird Photos

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