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Small Knight and George

Small Knight And George And The Royal Chocolate Cake

by Mark Warner
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Small Knight and George the Dragon are off on quest – to rescue the world’s biggest chocolate cake that’s been stolen in the night by some cheeky robber-brigands.

But will the wild and hungry robber-brigands give up the cake without a fight? They will if someone invites them to the royal party so they can join in all the fun.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Read the original story and Small Knight and George and the Pirates. Which do you prefer? Why? Could you make a new book about these characters?
  • Can you think of other ways of describing ‘Small Knight’? Make a list of synonyms for ‘small’.
  • Imagine that you had a friend who was a dragon. Describe an adventure that you might have.
  • Write Small Knight’s reply to King Wilfred’s letter.
  • Make some of the party invitations that Small Knight and George gave out to everyone.
  • Write your own recipe for a yummy chocolate cake (or another tasty cake).
  • Write a newspaper report about the stolen chocolate cake.
  • Rewrite parts of the story in the form of a playscript using the speech to help you.
  • The brigands are described as being ‘wild and smelly’. Can you think of other words to describe them, using the illustrations for ideas?
  • Small Knight ‘clattered in his armour and clunked in his boots’. Can you find / think of any other examples of onomatopoeia?


  • Use the recipe at the back of the book to make up some Maths problems, e.g. Can you plan the ingredients that you might need to make cupcakes for 18 or 24?
  • Plan the food and drink needed for a party for your friends / classmates.
  • Draw a big chocolate cake and cut it into different pieces. Can you use these to show different fractions?


  • Plan some healthy snacks to eat at the party.


  • Design a party invitation using publishing software.

Design Technology

  • Use graphical modelling software to make a seating plan for the party.
  • George sleeps in a drawer. Can you design / make a new bed for him?


  • Look at the large initial letter at the start of each page. Can you design your own illuminated letters?(see Resources below)
  • Design some new armour / clothing for Small Knight, George and their horse.


  • Compose some tunes to accompany the songs that Small Knight and George make up while they are riding along.
  • Compose a tune that could be played at the party.


  • The wild brigands weren’t invited to the party. How might this have made them feel?


Illuminated Letters

Illuminated Letters

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