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Rosie's Walk

Rosie’s Walk

by Mark Warner
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Rosie the hen is going for a walk. But she’d better watch out – there’s a very sneaky fox, hot on her tail feathers!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Look at the use of prepositions in the story, e.g. across, around, over. Can you find any more prepositions? Can you write your own sentences which include prepositions? You can also try the prepositions activities here.
  • Write some speech / thought bubbles for the animals in the story.
  • As you read the story for the first time, try and predict what might happen to the fox each time.
  • Write your own story about a chicken and a fox (see Resources below).
  • Create a new page for Rosie’s walk. Where could she go? How might the fox try to catch her? How will Rosie be saved?
  • Choose a page from the story and write a description of what is happening. How are the characters feeling? What are they doing? What might happen next?
  • Write a description of Rosie. What does she look like? How does she behave? Write another description of the fox.
  • Write a review of the story. What do you like about it? Are there any parts that you don’t like? Watch this video for some ideas:


  • Look at the patterns in the illustrations. Can you make your own repeating patterns?

Design Technology

  • Make a model of the farm using construction materials and act out Rosie’s walk using toy animals.


  • Draw your own pictures of the animals found in the story.
  • Use grid templates to draw pictures of a fox and chicken (see Resources below).
  • Look at the use of colour in the illustrations. What colours can you see? How many different shades of each colour are there? Can you try to make similar colours / shades by mixing paint?


  • Draw a map of the farm that Rosie walks around.


  • Read the story and put the events in order on a timeline.


  • Look at the expressions on the animals’ faces throughout the story. How are they feeling? What might they be thinking?


Fox and Chicken Story Page

Fox and Chicken Story Page

Download File

Draw a Fox

Draw a Fox

Download File

Draw a Chicken

Draw a Chicken

Download File

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