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Orange Pear Apple Bear

Orange Pear Apple Bear

by Mark Warner
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An orange, a pear, an apple – and a bear. Deliciously simple. Perfectly fun..

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Think about the use of rhyming within the text. Can you think of words that rhyme with pear / bear?
  • Orange can be a noun and an adjective. Discuss what these words mean and think of sentences that include orange as a noun and / or an adjective. Can you find any other words that can be a noun and an adjective?
  • Can you write a new story, using the same format, about another fruit and another animal?
  • Write a story about an adventure that the bear has after this book ends.
  • Can you make a shape poem about a fruit, in the shape of that fruit?
  • Try retelling the story in another form (e.g. a comic strip, video performance, audio recording). Use the video below for inspiration:


  • Set up a greengrocer role play area and work out the prices for customers who want to buy different types of fruit / vegetable.
  • Carry out a survey to find out your friends’ favourite types of fruit. Can you put this information into a chart or a graph?


  • Make a food chain involving bears.
  • Think of lots of different types of fruit and make a poster to teach people about them.
  • How many portions of fruit and vegetables should people eat each day? Can you think of ways of encouraging people to do this? For example, you could record a radio advert or write a persuasive letter from the National Health Service to the people where you live.
  • Think about healthy meals. What different types of food should people eat in a day?
  • Think about what happens to fruit peelings. Investigate what microorganisms are and find out how they help us.
  • Learn about composting. Can you make a poster to encourage people to compost items in their homes?


  • Use a paint program to make a picture of an orange pear or apple bear.


  • Draw / paint a still-life picture of some fruit.
  • Draw / paint a picture of a bear using photographs to help you.


  • Can you compose a piece of music that the words in the story could be performed to?

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