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by Mark Warner
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“That’s my bunny!”

“NO, that’s my bunny!”

Oh dear. How difficult it is to share when there’s only ONE beloved Funny Bunny? Luckily for twins Fifi and Frankie, Granny is on hand to show them a way to play together nicely that keeps everyone, including Funny Bunny, happy.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a new story about a pair of twins who argue about something.
  • Fifi and Frankie’s names begin with the same letter. Can you think of other names that begin with the same letter?
  • Create a character profile for each of the girls. How are they similar and how are they different?
  • Make a character profile about yourself. What are your best things and your worse things?
  • Imagine that you have a twin brother or sister. What adventures would you have together? Can you write a story about this?
  • Rewrite the story from Funny Bunny’s point of view.
  • Look at the use of capital letters and exclamation marks in the story. Why have these been used in each sentence?
  • Fifi and Frankie shout and scream at each other. Can you think of other words to describe how they might communicate (e.g. whisper, chatter, exclaim)?
  • What is your favourite toy? Write a story about an adventure that it might have.
  • Look at this information about the author. Could you make a biography / fact file about her using these facts?
  • Turn the story into a play and perform it to an audience.
  • What is the moral of the story? Can you find other stories that have a moral?
  • Watch this retelling of the story. Could you tell the story to a friend?


  • Create a Christmas wish list for Fifi and another for Frankie. How much might the items cost? What would the total cost be?
  • Draw a symmetrical picture of Funny Bunny.


  • Investigate the strength of different materials. Which would be the best type of material to make a really strong Funny Bunny with?
  • Explore the forces that are taking place when the girls are pulling in opposite directions.


  • Use a site like MakeBeliefsComix to create a comic strip about two children who argue over something.

Design Technology

  • Use craft materials to make a picture or model of Funny bunny.
  • Could you sew your own Funny Bunny toy?
  • Design a new palace for Fifi, Frankie and Funny Bunny to share together.


  • Draw a picture of some twins who look almost the same. Can you make some minor changes to their appearances so that they are slightly different?
  • Draw a picture of Funny Bunny.
  • Design some new clothes for Funny Bunny that Fifi and Frankie would each like.
  • Make a collage showing things that Fifi would like and another showing things that Frankie would like.
  • Create some new pictures for Fifi and Frankie’s photo album, showing them sharing Funny Bunny together nicely.
  • Look at these illustrations from other books by the same author. Can you create some pictures in a similar style?


  • Look at the expressions on the faces of each person in the story. How are they feeling at different points?
  • The story tries to teach us that sharing is a good thing to do. Think of ways that people can share things with each other. What can we do if people don’t want to share with us? What should we do if people want to share our things?
  • What would Grandma Flo have said to the girls to encourage them to share? Write a sentence / paragraph to show what she said.
  • Write a page for the ‘Collaboration Manual’ that appears in the illustrations, teaching people how to share and work together.

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