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Me and You

Me And You

by Mark Warner
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Three bears decide to go out for a walk in the park while their porridge cools. Meanwhile a little girl has lost her mum and lost her way and is walking the streets alone, until she happens upon a house…

The bears arrive home and discover several things are amiss… What will they find upstairs?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • This story is written for ‘all the underdogs’. What is an ‘underdog’?
  • Make a list of similarities and differences between this book and the traditional story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. Which of the two stories do you prefer? Why?
  • Write some captions / speech / thought bubbles to go with the illustrations showing Goldilocks.
  • Can you retell another popular story in a similar style, e.g. Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs?
  • Rewrite the story from Goldilocks’ point of view.
  • Look at the use of long and short sentences in the story. Why has the author used sentences with different lengths?
  • Can you find any examples of direct / reported speech in the text?
  • How many different synonyms for ‘said’ can you find in the story? Can you think of any more?
  • Could you act out the story?
  • Can you try some role play activities linked to the story, e.g. hot seat the character of Goldilocks and ask her questions about the day and why she made particular choices?
  • The Three Bears’ house looks very cosy and friendly in comparison with the other places that Goldilocks explores. Can you think of words to describe the different locations?
  • Write a letter from Goldilocks to the Three Bears apologising for her behaviour.
  • Can you find any references to other characters from traditional tales in the illustrations?
  • Read other versions of the story. Which is your favourite? Why?


  • Look at the use of patterns in the illustrations. Can you see any examples of tessellation? Could you make your own pictures of tessellations?
  • Make a timeline showing the main events of the story.


  • Use Google Maps / Street View to find possible locations for the places shown in the illustrations.


  • Can you describe the use of colour in the illustrations? Why are some pictures dark and gloomy, while others are bright and colourful?
  • Compare the picture of Goldilocks in these illustrations to traditional pictures of the character. How are they similar / different? Can you draw Goldilocks (or other characters from traditional stories) in different styles?


  • Draw a map showing the locations shown in the story. Where did Goldilocks spot the balloon? Where is the three Bears’ house? Where was Goldilocks reunited with her family?


  • Look at the facial expression / body language of the characters in the illustrations. How are they feeling at each point?

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