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It's a Book

It’s A Book

by Mark Warner
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“Can it text?” “No.” “Tweet?” “No.” “Wi-Fi?” . . . “No, it’s a book!”

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Make a new book, in a similar style, with the title ‘It’s a…’ about a topic of your choice, e.g. ‘It’s a dinosaur’ or ‘It’s a family’.
  • Can you use the speech in the book to create a play script? Could you perform this for others?
  • Rewrite the text using speech marks.
  • Have a class debate to discuss the pros and cons of ebooks.
  • The monkey says ‘No’ a lot in the story. Can you think of other ways of saying ‘Yes’ and ‘No’?
  • Make a guide to teach people about different types of technology. What do they do? How do they work?
  • Can you write the start / end of the story about ‘Long John Silver’?
  • Make a persuasive poster to encourage people to use their library more.
  • Watch this video about the author. If you could interview Lane Smith, what would you ask?

  • Watch these trailers for the book and its sequel. Could you record your own book trailer?


  • Conduct a class survey to find out which is the most popular way of reading… on a screen or with a book.
  • Can you read the times on the clocks in the illustrations? What is the difference between each time?
  • Find out what books are most popular at your school. Create a graph / chart to show the results. Are the most popular books different for boys / girls and different age groups?


  • Find out about the animals in the story. How are they similar / different?


  • Find allow the ICT-related vocabulary in the book. Do you know what they all mean? Could you make a glossary using these words?
  • Think about how technology had changed during your lifetime. How has technology changed throughout your parents’ / teacher’s lifetime?
  • Rabbit changes the story into ‘text language’. Can you make a poster to teach people about different text abbreviations and emoticons?
  • Rabbit asks if the book needs a password. Create a video which teaches people about the importance of strong passwords.

Design Technology

  • Can you find out how different types of technology are designed and built?
  • Could you make a model of your favourite type of technology?


  • Create a new cover for your favourite book.


  • Find out about your local library. Where is it? What route might you take if you were to go there?


  • Can you create a timeline and use it to show when different types of technology first became available?

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