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Hey! What's that Nasty Whiff!

Hey! What’s That Nasty Whiff?

by Mark Warner
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Hyena spends all day scrubbing, scouring and scooping up everybody else’s mess. But the other animals never lend a hand – they just make more and more mess, and they don’t even seem to notice all Hyena’s hard work!

So when Vulture persuades Hyena to take a well-earned holiday, the savannah gets rather stinky… In this comical story about working together, Hyena’s friends learn that saving the planet is all about teamwork!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Look at the use of rhyming within the story. Can you make a list of rhyming words and find other words that rhyme with them?
  • What does ‘spick and span’ mean? Can you find other popular phrases and explain what they mean?
  • Make a persuasive poster to encourage people to do some of the things that the hyena does to help the environment.
  • Look at the use of ellipses within the story!
  • Write a postcard from the hyena and vulture when they are on their holiday.
  • Write the contract between Hyena, Vulture and the other animals to ensure that everyone plays their part in helping the environment.


  • Make a list of the different animals shown in the illustrations.
  • Describe the habitat where the animals all live.
  • Can you explain what happens inside a compost heap??(see Resources below)
  • Make a list of materials that can be recycled and a list of materials that cannot.
  • Vulture and Hyena go on holiday in a hot air balloon. Can you explain how this works?


  • Use publishing software to make an environmental poster.
  • Use a word processing program to make a page from Hyena’s book “Laugh your way Eco”. What information might it give to the reader?

Design Technology

  • Design an eye-catching recycling bin for a school playground to encourage children to recycle.
  • Reuse old junk materials to make a sculpture of an animal in the story.


  • Look at the illustrations on the inside front and back covers. Can you draw your own pictures that only use different shapes of one colour?
  • The animals all sign the contract. Can you draw some signatures drawn by different animals?
  • Draw some pictures of hyenas, vultures and the other animals in the book.


  • Make a song that gives people information about being environmentally friendly.


  • Look at the illustrations on the inside covers. What changes is the hyena making to help the environment?
  • Can you look around your local area and find places that would benefit from some tidying? Could you organise a clean-up with a group of friends?
  • Find out how different materials are recycled.
  • Why is it important that we don’t waste water? How can we encourage people to stop wasting water?
  • The animals make a ‘Save the Planet’ banner. Can you make your own?


  • Hyena is happy to keep things tidy until one day, she feels sad and lonely. What could the other animals do to cheer her up?
  • Vulture and Hyena decide to go on ‘strike’. What does this mean?
  • Vulture and Hyena make a contract. What is this? Why do people write contracts?


Compost Bin Activity

Compost Bin Activity

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