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Freddie and the Fairy

Freddie And The Fairy

by Mark Warner
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Freddie is desperate for a pet, so when he rescues Bessie-Belle and she offers to grant his wishes he knows just what to ask for. The only problem is that Bessie-Belle can’t hear very well, and Freddie tends to mumble. Whatever can they do? Luckily the Fairy Queen is on hand to explain…

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Think of words to describe what the fairy looked like.
  • Make a list of the rhyming words in the story. Can you think of a new verse for each page?
  • Think of some speech / thought bubbles for the characters in each illustration.
  • Write a short story that explains how the fairy got stuck in the tree.
  • Imagine that you met a fairy. What would you wish for? Can you write a story about what might happen?
  • Can you think of other words that rhyme with ‘pet’ or ‘dog’ (or the other things that Freddie wished for). Add a new page to the story based on the idea that Bessie-Belle heard him say one of these words instead.
  • Turn the story into a playscript, using the speech to help you. Could you perform it to an audience?
  • What does Freddie do with all of the things that Bessie-Belle conjures up for him?
  • Retell the story in the form of a recount from Freddie’s point of view… or from Bessie-Belle’s point of view.
  • Bessie-Belle gives lots of animals to Freddie (e.g. frog, bat). Can you write some instructions to help Freddie to look after them?
  • Write a newspaper report about the sighting of a fairy who has been granting peoples’ wishes (but making lots of mistakes).
  • Continue the story… what happens after Freddie meets the gorilla?


  • Estimate the size of the different things that Bessie-Belle gives to Freddie. Can you show this information in a table or a chart?


  • Investigate some of the animals mentioned in the story. Where do they live? What do they eat?


  • Take a digital photo of your head and use art software to transform yourself into a fairy.
  • Make a stop-motion animation that retells part of the story.
  • Make a poster, using publishing software, to share the three rules that the Fairy Queen gives.


  • Split your page in two. On one side, draw the things that Freddie wished for, and on the other, draw the things that the fairy gave him.
  • Draw your own picture to show what a Fairy King or Queen would look like.


  • Compose a short tune to announce the arrival of the Fairy Queen.


  • Draw a map showing the different locations shown in the story and add labels to show what happened there.


  • Can you find out about the ‘Cottingley Fairies’? Could you try to recreate some of the images?

Physical education

  • Watch a video of the ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’. Could you plan and perform your own fairy dance?


  • Could you learn some sign language to help Bessie-Belle to understand Freddie?


  • Look at the facial expressions of the characters at different points in the story. How are they feeling? Can you draw your own pictures that show different emotions?
  • How does Freddie communicate more clearly with Bessie-Belle? How can we help others to understand us?
  • Bessie-Belle can’t hear very well. Can you find out more about this and other disabilities?

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