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Firefly Home

Firefly Home

by Mark Warner
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There’s no place like home, but poor Florence Firefly is lost, and there are so many bright lights shining in the night sky she doesn’t know which way to go. She’ll need some help to find her way back home.


  • Rewrite parts of the story in the first person, from Florence’s point of view.
  • The author asks questions to the reader at some points. Why do you think this is?
  • Retell the story from the point of view of another animal who saw Florence exploring at night.
  • Write a new adventure for Florence.
  • Write a poem about the night and the things that happen at night.
  • Create an acrostic poem based on the words NIGHT, LIGHT or FIREFLY.
  • Watch this video in which the author reads the book. What questions would you like to ask her? You can also find out some more information on her website.


  • Look at the illustrations of fireflies and find some that are symmetrical. Can you create your own symmetrical images?


  • Learn more about fireflies and write a report about them.
  • What is bioluminescence? Can you think of other living organisms that have this ability?
  • Create a food chain that includes fireflies.
  • Find out about the life cycle of a firefly. Can you create a picture / poster to show the different stages?
  • Find out where fireflies live. What types of habitats could you find them in? What else might live there?
  • Learn about light, how it travels and how we can see things.
  • Make a list of objects that produce their own light and others that simply reflect light.


  • Use publishing / graphics software to design a poster based on the phrase ‘There’s no place like home’.
  • Design a game where a firefly must avoid lights in the sky and find its way home.

Design Technology:

  • Design a new shelter for Florence to live in.
  • Create some lanterns that could help Florence find her way home.


  • Create your own illustrations of Florence and other creatures like her.
  • How has the illustrator shown lights in the pictures? Can you use similar techniques to create dark pictures with some light areas?


  • Compose a melody that might represent a firefly moving through the night sky.


  • Create a map that shows Florence’s journey through the story.
  • Find out where fireflies live worldwide and label these on a map.

Physical Education:

  • Play a game where somebody has to help their blindfolded partner find their way along a path.
  • Create an obstacle course in the dark, using glowsticks or torches to follow the path safely.


  • Florence wants to wish on a shooting star to help her find her way home. What would you like to wish for?
  • Florence perseveres and goes on a journey to her home. Have you ever had to overcome an obstacle to find your way to a place (or to achieve something)?

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