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Dream Big, Little Mole

Dream Big, Little Mole

by Mark Warner
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Join one little mole as she follows her dream of building the biggest hole ever, and learns along the way that everyone has something special to give the world – it just sometimes takes a little time (and a few mishaps!) to discover what that special something is.


  • Write a new story about a character who tries to ‘Dream Big’.
  • Make a list of all of the rhyming words in the book. Can you think of other words that rhyme with these?
  • Make some thought bubbles and add these to the pictures of Little Mole at different points.
  • Rewrite some of the direct speech in this book as reported speech.
  • Rewrite this story as a diary entry from Little Mole’s point of view.
  • Write a newspaper article about the trouble that Little Mole causes by digging.
  • Write a character profile of Little Mole. What words and phrases could you use to describe her?
  • Pick out the main events of the story and write them on separate cards. Could you ask a friend to put them back in the correct order?
  • Little Mole causes problems for the fox, hedgehog and other animals. Write some letters of apology to them for her actions.
  • Write about a new adventure that Little Mole might have.
  • Record a narrated version of the story. Here is an example for inspiration:


  • Learn about more moles and write a report about them. What habitat do they live in? How are they adapted to living there? What do they eat? Do they have any predators?
  • Make a food chain / web that includes moles (and some of the other animals shown in the story).
  • At one point in the story, Rabbit flies a kite. Can you design and fly your own kite?
  • Design a dam that can stop the water in the river from flooding an area.


  • Create an animation that retells this story.
  • Design a game in which Little Mole has to use her digging skills to find some hidden objects.

Design Technology:

  • Design and make a new home for Little Mole to live in.
  • Make some animal puppets and use them to retell this story.
  • Design a new machine that can be used to dig into the ground like Little Mole does.


  • Create some illustrations of Little Mole showing different expressions.
  • Draw, paint or collage some pictures to show the places where these animals live.
  • Visualise some of your own dreams and then draw or paint some pictures of them.


  • Little Mole hears a beautiful melody ringing through the wood. Could you compose this melody?


  • Create a map of Little Mole’s home and add the different places shown in the story.
  • Investigate habitats around the world and discuss how different animals are adapted to living there.


  • Find out about historical figures who have had big dreams. What did they do to achieve their dreams? What obstacles did they overcome?


  • What hopes and dreams do you have about the future? What steps can you take to try and achieve them?
  • Little Mole looks at the other animals and wishes that she has their abilities. Who do you look up to? How do other people inspire you?
  • Little Mole realises that her skill is to dig. What skills do you have?
  • Otter tells Little Mole that ‘Practice makes perfect whatever you do!’ What does this mean? What skills have you practised to become better at them?
  • Little Mole overcomes obstacles as she discovers her talent. When have you had to use your skills of resilience and determination?
  • Little Mole’s big talent is helping her friends. What can you do to help your friends?

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