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Dog Biscuit

Dog Biscuit

by Mark Warner
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Bridget is very hungry. But because Mum is so busy looking after Bridget’s little brother, she hasn’t even noticed! So Bridget steals a biscuit from the shed. The only problem with these biscuits is that they are not meant for human beings. They’re meant for dogs!

But the biscuit tasted good . . . and before long, Bridget is convinced she is turning into a dog.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Imagine that you were a dog (or another animal). Could you write a story about the adventures that you might have? (see Resources below)
  • Rewrite the story from Bridget’s point of view (using the first person).
  • Could you write some instructions to teach others how to make tasty biscuits?
  • At dinner time, Dad yells, ‘It’s like eating with a pack of dogs!’. Can you think of other similes that refer to animals?
  • Create a menu for a dinner party for a group of dogs.
  • Some of the pages in the book feature lots of small illustrations showing a sequence of events. Can you think of a caption for each picture?
  • Imagine that you were an animal exploring your town at night time. Where would you go? What would you do?
  • Can you find any rhyming words in the book?
  • Follow the instructions at the back of the book to make your own biscuits.


  • Count the number of dogs in the illustrations throughout the book.


  • The dog biscuit ‘tasted salty and sweet at the same time’. Find out how we taste things. Can you sort different items of food according to how they taste?


  • Use painting software to create a picture of a dog or to show what a dog might dream of.

Design Technology

  • Could you design a biscuit jar that will stop children from stealing biscuits?


  • Use some pictures of different dogs as the starting point for your own artwork(see Resources below)


  • Draw a map showing the different places that Bridget visits in the story.


  • Throughout the story, Bridget wishes she hadn’t eaten the dog biscuit. Do you have anything you wish you had / hadn’t done?


 Dog Writing Template

Dog Writing Template

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Dog Photos

Dog Photos

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