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Have you ever had a bear fall out of the sky and into your world? Find out what chaos and happiness just such an event can bring to a family in this fun and frolicsome story from master-storyteller Mick Inkpen.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a story about your favourite toy when you were younger.
  • Imagine that something unexpected arrives at your house. Can you write a story about what happens next?
  • Imagine that your favourite toy came to life. Can you plan and write about an exciting adventure that your toy might have?
  • Retell the story from Bear’s point of view.
  • Retell the story from Sophie’s point of view. How does she feel when the bear gets her into trouble?
  • ‘Whoosh’, ‘plop’ and ‘squeak’ are all examples of onomatopoeia that appear on the first page. Can you think of any others?
  • Imagine that you were allowed to take an animal to school one day. What might happen there? How would your teachers / friends react?
  • At the end of the book, the reader is asked to choose what happens. Can you make a book in the style of the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ series, where the ending changes depending on the reader’s choice?
  • Write a sequel for this book. What happens to Bear now that he is a part of the family?


  •  Bear likes to eat lots of food. Plan a midnight feast for him and find out how much each item will cost.


  • Find out about bears and write a report about them. Where do they live? What do they eat?
  • Think about the forces that take place at different points in the story, e.g. when Bear lands in the playpen and when they play with the car behind the garage.
  • Make a bridge / jump for Bear’s car. How does changing the angle on the jump alter the speed of the car as it goes down the ramp?


  • Use a painting program to create your own images of teddy bears.

Design Technology

  • One of the pages includes a pop-up finger. Can you explore different pop-up techniques and make a pop-up page / book of your own?
  • Design a new course for Bear’s car track.


  • Look at different pictures of teddy bears and draw your own (see Resources below).


  • Research the history of teddy bears. Who made the first teddy bear? How have they changed over the years?


  • Make a set of rules for Bear to help him behave in his new family.


Teddy Bear Photos

Teddy Bear Photos

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