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Angelica Sprocket's Pockets

Angelica Sprocket’s Pockets

by Mark Warner
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Angelica Sprocket lives next door.

Her overcoat has pockets galore!

And you’ll never guess what’s in them…

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Look at the rhyming words in the story.
  • Make a list of the things that can be found in Angelica Sprocket’s Pockets and the different ways that each item might be used.
  • Can you find any examples of onomatopoeia in the story?
  • Add a speech / thought bubble to each character in the illustrations. What are they thinking / feeling?
  • Make a new set of pages for the book that explain what else might be in Angelica Sprocket’s Pockets.
  • Plan an interview with the author / illustrator, Quentin Blake. What questions would you ask him? Watch some of these interviews with him:


  • Measure the length of the different items in Angelica’s pockets. How long are they? How big to her pockets need to be?
  • How heavy might the items in her pockets be? How much would her coat weigh altogether?
  • If you were to buy the things in Angelica’s pockets, how much would they cost?
  • Look at the patterns on Angelica’s pockets. Can you create pictures with different repeating patterns?


  • Look at the illustrations. What forces can you see taking place?
  • How could Angelica’s pockets keep the ice creams cold? Can you carry out an investigation to find out what materials might help to keep things cold?

Design Technology

  • Make an outfit for a person / toy that has lots of pockets on it.
  • Could you make a pop-up version of one of the pages in the book?


  • Design a new overcoat (or another type of clothing) that has pockets galore!
  • Look at the different colours of Angelica Sprocket’s pockets. Can you think of the different names that we give to various shades of the colours?
  • Create a new page showing something else that might be kept in Angelica Sprocket’s pockets.
  • Try to create illustrations for some of your own stories, or for another of your favourite stories. Watch this video for some tips:

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