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Amazing Mr Zooty

Amazing Mr Zooty!

by Mark Warner
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Watch out for the Amazing Mr Zooty!

He’s always out and about and on the lookout for people to help. So when he meets the kind but poor Taylor family he decides to grant them each a wish. What would be best – pancakes for breakfast, a purse always full of change, or – just what was it that Lucy wished for? A ride in a balloon? A voyage downstream? Or was it the garden with a kitten in it?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Think of synonyms for ‘amazing’.
  • Can you write a story about an amazing character who helps people?
  • Write a story about Mr. Zooty that explains where he came from. Where did he get his little red case from?
  • Write a new story about Mr. Zooty and a family that he helps.
  • Look at the punctuation in the story. Can you find a question mark / exclamation mark / ellipsis? Can you explain why they are used in that place?
  • Mr. Zooty asks the Taylor family to make a wish. If you could make a wish, what would it be? Write a story that explains what would happen if your wish came true.


  • Lucy and Sam catch leaves for luck. Can you find different types of leaves in a local garden / park. What types of trees do the leaves come from?


  • Use painting software to decorate the inside of a leaf to show your own hopes and dreams (see Resources below).


  • Look at the illustrations of Mr. Zooty on the inside covers. Can you draw pictures of the same character in different poses? Can you try to portray different actions / movements?
  • Design some new clothes for Amazing Mr. Zooty.
  • Lucy and Sam catch leaves. Can you try some leaf rubbings?Could you make some artwork using natural materials like leaves? Look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy for some examples.

  • Decorate a picture of a leaf?(see Resources below). You could add natural decorations or draw pictures of your hopes and dreams.
  • Draw a picture of the inside of Mr. Zooty’s little red case. What does he keep inside it?
  • Imagine that you were given a house. What would it look like?
  • Design a ‘thank you’ card that the family can send to Mr. Zooty at the end of the story.


  • Mr. Zooty and the Taylor family use a compass to find their way in a balloon. Can you teach somebody else how to use a compass? Can you think of a mnemonic to help you remember the different compass directions?


  • Mr Zooty has the motto ‘Get out, help out’. What does this mean? Can you think of a motto for yourself?
  • Even though the Taylor children have nothing, they give their lucky leaves away to Mr. Zooty. What does this tell you about them?
  • Mr Zooty faints at one point in the story. Can you make a poster to teach people what they should do to help a person in this situation? Could you learn first aid?
  • The family are told to choose one favourite thing each. What is your favourite thing? Can you explain why it is so special?


Leaf Outline

Leaf Outline (PDF)

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Leaf Outline

Leaf Outline (PNG)

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