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All Pigs are Beautiful

All Pigs Are Beautiful

by Mark Warner
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It’s true what they say: pigs are beautiful! Curious young minds will love learning about their habits in this picture book which combines story with information.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Can you think of other stories that feature pigs? Could you write a new story about a pig?
  • Think of a mnemonic to help you remember how to spell ‘beautiful’.
  • The author of this book used to be a farmer and he loves pigs. Can you write a story about an animal that you love?
  • The first page of the book is written in the first person. Can you rewrite this page in the third person?
  • Some people might think of pigs as ‘monstrous and frightening’. Can you think of words that mean the same as or the opposite of this?
  • Make a shape poem about a pig, in the shape of a pig (see Resources below).
  • Think of some thought / speech bubbles for the pigs in the illustrations.
  • Look at the words in the index. Can you use these to make a glossary that explains what they mean?
  • Listen to the audio version of the story. Can you record your own narration using expression, sound effects and music?
  • Think of some questions for an interview with a farmer.
  • Use the facts in the story to make a quiz about pigs. Can you use these to test your friends after they have read it?


  • Monty weighed six hundred pounds. Think of things that might weigh a similar amount.
  • Can you convert six hundred pounds into a different unit of measure?
  • Piglets are expected to be born after three months, three weeks and three days. How many days is this altogether?


  • Look at the different breeds of pigs on the inside cover illustrations. How are these similar / different?
  • Can you write a report about pigs? What habitat do they like to live in? What do they eat? Use the information in the book to help you.
  • Many pig breeds are rare and need to be protected. Why is this? How can we protect endangered animals? Make a persuasive poster to encourage people to help with this.
  • Label a photo of a pig to show the different body parts (see Resources below) or label your own diagram.
  • There are lots of facts about pigs in the story. Can you find out some interesting facts about an animal of your own choice?
  • The inside of a pig is ‘pretty well exactly the same’ as a human. How else are they similar? or different?


  • Use art software to create a picture of a pig.
  • Make an animation of a pig walking.
  • Record a video that teaches people about pigs.
  • Make a pig cover for a programmable toy. Can you move it between different parts of an imaginary farm layout?

Design Technology

  • Could you make a model of a pig using art and craft materials?
  • Can you design a pig mask?


  • Look at photos of pigs and use these as the starting point for your own pictures (see Resources below).


  • Can you think of any songs about pigs? Could you compose your own?


  • Find the location of farms in your area. Are any of them pig farms?
  • Plan a visit to a pig farm. How will you get there? What route will you take? How long will the journey last?
  • Some breeds of pig are named after places. Can you find these on a map?
  • Draw a map of a farm. What buildings and places will you need to include on your map?


Pig Outline

Pig Outline

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Pig Photo for Labelling

Pig Photo for Labelling

Download File

Pig Photos

Pig Photos

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