Thursday, May 23, 2024

Making Mice!

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Jeanne Wolf


  • 12″ string each
  • glue
  • construction paper – light grey (for mouse, or pink for rabbit etc) and yellow for cheese.
  • mayonnaise lid or protractor or other circle.
  • broom straw, or pine needles
  • eyes or markers
  • scissors


  • Have children draw a circle on grey construction paper, using a mayonnaise size jar lid, or a protractor.
  • Draw a line on the inside of the circle, going around and around in a circle toward the center, leaving an area the width of a mouse’s tail until you reach the center. Make a little “bump” in the center.Cut it out.
  • Next make another circle and put Mickey mouse ears on the top half of the circle. Draw a mouse face in the top half of the circle, between the ears, and “mouse hands” down the sides of the bottom half of the circle.
  • Colour and glue eyes and broomstraw whiskers on it. (Markers will work for eyes.)
  • Cut a wedge of yellow cheese to glue between “Mouse hands”. (Hole punch makes good swiss cheese.)
  • Glue 12″ string to back of mouse head between ears. Glue tail “bump” to back of mouse.
  • Hang it up and the tail will curl down.
  • Make several of these and put them on a hanger for a mouse mobile.

You could also use RABBIT EARS for an Easter mobile too.

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