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by Mark Warner
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Little Frank lives in Pond City, where life among the lilies couldn’t be better… during the day, that is. At night time, the pond folk quiver in their slippery skins as slimy bug-eyed monsters emerge from the watery underworld. One night, their dastardly deeds go too far, and Little Frank decides enough is enough. Can he stop the creepy crooks once and for all?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write your own story about another animal that becomes a superhero.
  • Write a new adventure for Superfrog! Read the sequel too and see which one you prefer.
  • At the beginning of the book, Little Frank is reading a magazine (or a newspaper). Can you create the page that he is reading? What is it about?
  • Think of words that could be used to describe Pond City in the daytime and at night.
  • Write a newspaper report about the bad things that take place in Pond City.
  • Write a newspaper report that explains how Superfrog helped Pond City.
  • Carry out a role-play interview with Little Frank. What questions could you ask him? How might he respond?
  • Write a poem (or an acrostic) about a Superfrog!
  • Think of words that could be used to describe a superfrog (or another superhero animal).
  • Imagine that you are Superfrog. Write a recount of your experiences.
  • Superfrog puffs himself up ‘as big… as big… as big… as possible’. Can you think of synonyms for ‘big’?
  • Think of captions / speech bubbles / thought bubbles for each of the illustrations.
  • Write a ‘thank you’ letter from the residents of Pond City to Superfrog.


  • Can you investigate a real pond? Identify the plants and creatures living there.
  • Find out about the plants and creatures that can be found in a pond. Create a food chain or a food web using this information.
  • Use books and electronic sources of information to learn more about frogs. Can you use this information to create a report about them?
  • Find out about the life cycles of frogs. Can you create a poster to teach other people?
  • Can you find some frog spawn and look at it under a microscope?


  • Use comic strip software (e.g. Comic Life) to create a comic strip version of the story using your own illustrations and digital pictures.
  • Design a game about a Superfrog. Watch this video showing the Superfrog game from 1993:

Design Technology

  • Design some gadgets (or a vehicle) to help Superfrog fight crime.


  • Retell the story in the form of a comic strip.
  • Use photos of frogs as the starting point for some illustrations of them (see Resources below).
  • Design a new superhero costume for Superfrog to wear.


  • Create a theme tune for a new animated cartoon about Superfrog.


  • Draw a map of Pond City. What different buildings and places can be found there?


Frog Pictures

Frog Pictures

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