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The Gift

The Gift

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Contributor: Sam Collins

When a little girl makes a gift for her parents, events take an unexpected turn, and she finds herself in a magical adventure.

Watch this video and then try some of the teaching and activity ideas below.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Pause the video at 0:20 and ask the children to predict what will happen in the film. Ask them to provide evidence for their ideas.
  • Stop the video at certain points, for example, 0:54 (When the little girl sees her parents arguing) or 3:39 (which shows her parent’s reaction to the little girl) and make a list of words that could be used to describe the characters.
  • Write a dialogue between the girl and her toy.
  • Make a list of stories and films where the main character(s) go through some kind of portal.
  • Ask the children to explain why the girl imagines an adventure.
  • Choose two contrasting settings from the film and write a detailed description for each. Make a list of things that are the same and things that are different.
  • Write a voiceover describing the section where the girl and her toy are chased by the ball of wool (2:04-3:35)
  • Stop the video, for example, at 3:53, and write a through bubble for the character.
  • Make two lists of adjectives describing the box before and after the adventure.
  • Write a narrative poem to describe one of the scenes, such as surfing on the wave (3:12-3:26)
  • Make a comic strip of the story. Use one of our handy templates.
  • Write the story from the point of view of one of the characters, such as the girl or her father.
  • Suggest alternative titles for the film.


  • Make a collection of different boxes. Measure them and compare their volume and capacity.
  • Use our Cube Nets sheet and challenge children to work out which nets will fold up into a cube and which will not.
  • Collect a set of 3d shapes and investigate whether they slide or roll down a slope.


  • Write a list of light sources in the film.


  • This short video shows the original drawings alongside clips from the film. Could you plan your own animation using this idea?

  • Make a game based on it somehow?
  • Digital image based on the film?

Design Technology:


  • Choose a scene from the video and recreate it in different media, such as pastels, pencil crayons and paint. What effect does the media used have on the finished image?
  • Make a 3d art piece that could be a gift for someone.
  • Look at some examples of sculptures of people, such as The Burghers Of Calais by Auguste Rodin and Woman of Venice II by Alberto Giacometti. Discuss different approaches to creating a human sculpture, and try making your own.


  • Compose a new soundtrack.
  • Write some lyrics to accompany the soundtrack.


  • Create a map of the main character’s imaginary journey.

Physical Education:

  • Create a course based on the film, including sliding and swinging.
  • Ask the children to invent a chasing game.
  • Create a dance based on the events in the film,


  • Describe one of the characters in a language that you are learning.
  • Learn the word for one of the key ideas of the film, such as kindness, in a range of different languages.


  • Have a discussion about gifts. Why do people give gifts? How does it feel to give a gift or to receive a gift?
  • Talk about arguments. Why do people argue? How can you resolve an argument?

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