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The Christmas Fool

The Christmas Fool

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Sam Collins

The Christmas Fool is out to spoil Christmas, playing pranks on everyone! Will Christmas be spoilt, or will the Fool get their comeuppance? ​​​

Watch this video with your children, and then try some of our teaching and activity ideas below.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Stop the advert at 0:03. Who is that in the photo? Why do you think it is there? What might someone find in your attic? What would it tell them about you?
  • Make a list of adjectives to describe the Christmas Fool.
  • If you were the Christmas Fool, what pranks would you play?
  • Choose another character and retell the story from their point of view
  • Stop the advert at 0.26 – what is fool thinking?
  • Write the prequel. Where did the fool come from? What is their motivation?
  • Stop the advert at 0:58 when the Fool steals the instructions. Can you write some instructions for the doll’s house?
  • Stop the advert at 1:17. Discuss what prank the fool is going to play before they get squashed.
  • Stop the advert at 1:26. How do you think all the other Fools in the van got caught?
  • Write a newspaper report about the strange incidents in the advert.
  • The advert uses the alliteration “Good to go”. Can you suggest some other alliterative phrases that could be used?
  • Choose an adjective to describe the Fool and look up some synonyms, for example, “mischievous”. Put the adjectives in order of their “strength”; e.g. naughty – mischievous – troublesome – malevolent.
  • The hashtag for this campaign is #FoolproofYourChristmas. Why do you think they chose that? Can you think of an alternative?


  • At 0:24, the man buys a pack of 20 new Christmas lights. They cost £20. How much would it cost if he needed 40 lights? Or 70? Can you make up your own questions?
  • Stop the video at 0.34. Use an Argos catalogue to work out the price of all the items shown.


Design Technology

  • Design your own Christmas jumper.


  • Make a storyboard of the advert.​


  • The soundtrack for this advert is a version of Povero Rigoletto by Verdi from the opera Rigoletto. In the opera, the character of Rigoletto is a jester. Listen to the beginning of another version of it (for example, this one). How has it been changed to make it more Christmassy?
  • Compose an alternative soundtrack. What instruments would you use?


  • Draw a map of the fool’s journey through the advert.​

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