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Take Me Home

Take Me Home

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Sam Collins

Watch this short animated film about a rescue dog hoping for a new owner, and try out our teaching ideas.

Which of the ideas below will you try with your children?


Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Stop the film at 0:10. Collect vocabulary to describe the setting.
  • Write a letter or email from the female character to a friend describing what happened.
  • Compare and contrast the beagle and the poodle.
  • Stop the film at various points, for example, 0:23, 0:41 and 2:01. What are the characters thinking?
  • Discuss similarities and differences with dogs in other films and stories, for example, Spy Dog and Bolt.
  • Make a story map for the film.
  • Watch the video Mouse for Sale, which deals with a similar theme. Compare the way the two stories have been told.
  • Write the prequel. How did the dog end up in the dogs’ home?
  • Write a sequel about their first day together.


  • How many ways could you arrange 6 cages in a grid? What about 12 cages? Or 24 cages?
  • Which numbers of cages cannot be arranged into a square or rectangular grid? Why can’t they?
  • Make a list of things the female character will need for her new dog and work out how much it will cost.


  • Stop the film at 0:16. What has the dog got to make sure he is healthy and safe (e.g. food / drink, shelter)? What else does he need?
  • Stop the film at 0:19. Look at a dog’s pawprint and compare it with the tracks of other animals.
  • Why do different breeds of dogs look so different? Find out about beagles and poodles.


  • Design a poster, video or website to promote a local rescue centre.

Design Technology

  • Stop the film at 0:32. Why does the door handle point down? (So that dogs can’t open it!) Design a door handle with a specific purpose.


  • Stop the film at 0:07 and look at the elements of the title design (pawprint, dog silhouette, colour palette etc). Design your own title for the film.


  • Listen to the soundtrack at  0:41, when the female character enters. How does the music change? Why does it change? Does it change at other points in the film?


  • Discuss why animals end up being rescued and what they need.
  • Stop the film at 1:33. Why has the beagle ripped up his bed and covered himself in fluff? Is it a good idea?
  • Why does the female character change her mind about the poodle?

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