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Imaginary Iggy

Imaginary Iggy

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Matilda and Iggy are best friends, but they grow apart as Matlida grows older. Can the magic of Christmas bring them back together?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Imaginary Iggy is only 90 seconds long. Challenge your children to write a story that can be told in 90 seconds.
  • Stop the video at 0:57; how is Iggy feeling at this point? Compare it to 1:18. What is the same, and what is different?
  • The hashtag for this video is #ReindeerReady. Invent some other alliterative phrases that have a Christmas theme.
  • Watch this video of the song with lyrics. Why do you think they chose this song to accompany the advert? What do the lyrics mean to you?

  • Watch the section from 1:04 to 1:09. What effect does seeing the little boy have on Matilda?
  • Create a map/chart of Matilda’s feelings through the video.
  • Write some dialogue between Iggy and Matilda.
  • Write the story from Iggy’s point of view.
  • What could the notification on Matilda’s phone be at 0:43? Create some ideas for the message she received.
  • Compare 0:28 to 1:25. What’s the same? What’s different?
  • Invent a new title for this video.


  • Create some maths questions based on time, such as: If the final scene was this year, and Matilda is 18 years old, in which year was she 5 years old or 8 years old?


  • Write an explanation of how fairy lights work.
  • Create electrical circuits to light up bulbs.


  • Design an animated character using Scratch Jr or a similar program.

Design Technology:

  • Design a Christmas decoration.
  • Invent a new Christmas snack, like the Reindeer treats?
  • Design a bedroom for a child. How does Matilda’s room change from when she was a little girl to the end of the video? Why does it change?


  • Design your own Iggy. What would you call them?


  • Compare Mabel’s versions of Time After Time Mabel to Cyndi Lauper’s; what is the same, what is different?
  • Compose a new soundtrack for the advert.
  • Ask the children to choose a different song or piece of music to soundtrack the video. What would you choose and why? Try turning down the video music and playing your choice instead; what effect does it have?


  • Find out how to wish someone a Merry Christmas in different languages. Plot them on a world map.


  • Discuss how Matilda changes as she gets older. How have you changed since you were younger? Why do our bodies change?

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