Thursday, May 23, 2024

Toy Testing

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Toys are tested before being sold to children around the world. Use some of these ideas to encourage children to think about the safety of the toys that they play with:

  • Could you test some old toys in a variety of different ways? Are any parts likely to break / fall off?
  • Think about the materials that the toys are made from. Are there any materials that would be unsuitable to use in a toy? Why?
  • How have the different parts of the toys been joined together? Could they have been joined in a different way? Why did the manufacturers use these joining techniques?
  • Try the ‘drop test’ on a selection of old toys. Which toys are the strongest / safest?
  • Look at the labels / instructions / packaging for different toys. Do they include any safety information?
  • Think about the different age groups that toys are appropriate for. Which toys could be used by older children but not by babies? Why?
  • Review a number of different toys and write a safety report about them.
  • Watch this video for some more information about toy testing in America:

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