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Reflection Investigation

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

This investigation requires children to use mirrors accurately and think about light and reflection.

First, you will need the PDF resource below. Children should place a small item (e.g. a Lego character or a coin) in the centre of the semi-circle.

They should place two small mirrors on the lines marked with a ‘1’. Then, ask them to look in the mirrors and count how many times the small object is reflected and record this in the table.

The children should then move the mirrors onto the lines marked with a ‘2’ and count the number of reflections, recording this on the table. This process should be repeated until the two mirrors are on the lines marked with a ‘9’.

Can the children explain what is happening to the number of reflections as the angle of the mirrors is reduced? Can they explain why this happens? What is happening to the light? Could they make a graph to show their results?


Reflection Investigation

Reflection Investigation

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