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The Subtraction Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Support your children’s subtraction skills with our handy pack of resources! The PDF below includes the following resources:

  • Subtraction Guide – Teach your children about the meaning of subtraction, the subtraction sign, how to subtract using a number line, the link between addition and subtraction, and a method of subtracting numbers vertically.
  • Subtraction Trails – Can your children use their subtraction skills to follow the trail around each grid?
  • Corner Cafe Money Problems – How much change will each person get from their purchases in the Corner Cafe?
  • Subtraction Tables – A simple grid that challenges your children to subtract small numbers.
  • Find the Subtraction – Can your students solve all of the subtraction calculations and then find them in the number grid?​

These resources are part of our Subtraction Pack. Find out more on our Teaching Packs site.


The Subtraction Pack

The Subtraction Pack

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