Friday, December 1, 2023

Label The Plants

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

This activity is based on a worksheet which can be found below.

The worksheet asks the children to label the different parts of the plant. The answers are as follows:

Diagram 1 – 1) Leaf, 2) Stem, 3) Root,

Diagram 2 – 4) Petals, 5) Pistil, 6) Filament, 7) Sepal, 8) Stem

When the children have done this, they are asked to write down the functions of the roots, stem, leaves and flowers.

This worksheet can be used in a number of contexts:

1) It is an ideal task to give the children to assess their knowledge and understanding at the end of a period of work on plants.

2) It can also be used as a research task. Give the children the worksheet and ask them to find out the answers using different reference materials (books, CD-ROMs etc.).

3) Give the sheet to the children, and discuss the parts (and their functions) of the plant. While you are explaining the topic, they can fill in the sheet and keep it for reference.

4) Make an interactive display board. Enlarge one (or both) of the pictures on the sheet, and stick the enlarged copy onto a display board. Make some labels (with the names of the plant parts on), and stick some Blu-Tack to the back of them. The children can now interact with the display by placing the labels over the correct parts of the plant.


Label the Plants

Label the Plants

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