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Easter Story Slideshows

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Helen McCahey

I did this with my Year 3 class…

1. We first made a LARGE Easter Garden, using a roll of turf ( About £2), some cheap rockery plants and peg doll characters.

2. We then storyboarded the Easter Story based on our garden.

3. We took photos of the garden and characters, and I inserted these into Powerpoint.

4. Children then added text to the slides.

5. This was differentiated at many levels, ranging from SEN children who enjoyed dressing the peg characters and sequencing the photos to the more able children who were able to make their own Powerpoint from scratch. We all REALLY enjoyed this, and whilst it is time-consuming, the skills and enjoyment levels were fantastic!

Hope that you try this and enjoy it!!!

A visitor has commented… Good idea – going to use it to get the children to make an animation of the easter story. Much more fun and better remembered than writing the story in their books or doing a sequencing activity.

A suggestion from Betty… We looked at three versions of the story of Easter and 3 PowerPoints. They designed sets, made peg dolls/props, inserted the pictures, added text and also recorded the words so each slide in the sequence started with pictures, text, and then voice-over. They sang songs on two of the slides, and we even had a cockerel crowing. The children were so interested they came in with lots of props, ideas and poems which they had made up at home without even being asked to.

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