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by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Roger Rooke

This fun numeracy game is called IB (because it is half of CRIB!) and basically that is exactly what it is i.e. the traditional card game of CRIBBAGE with the ‘pegging’ element omitted in order to speed up the game. A recent report has suggested that games like this can have a significant positive effect on children’s ability and confidence in manipulating numbers.

  • IB is played with a full pack of standard playing cards and a scoreboard that shows 60 points (1 circuit of a standard cribbage board).
  • Players play 2 v 2 so they have to collaborate and discuss which 2 cards to discard into the crib (or box as it is more usually called).
  • 6 cards are dealt to each player, and 4 cards are retained for scoring purposes. These 4 cards are combined with the “turn up” card, and the calculating is done as in the full game of cribbage (If you are new to cribbage, there are websites that detail the combinations of cards that score points or someone in the school will know an old geezer like myself who can explain/demonstrate).
  • The teams alternate possession of the “Box” cards which are also combined with the “turn up” card.
  • As soon as the hands are sorted the cards are put down and points calculated (no “pegging” in order to speed up the game) First to 60 points wins. The skills involved are addition, and multiplication.

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