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Ireland Day Teaching Ideas

Ireland Day Teaching Ideas

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Contributor: Sam Collins

Try out some of our teaching ideas for a day celebrating Ireland.

If you have any other ideas of your own, let us know by adding a comment!


  • Use our Republic of Ireland Fact Cards as a reading resource, for research or as the basis for a class quiz.
  • Read some traditional Irish tales. Our Myths and Legends Pack contains some old Irish myths your children will enjoy.
  • Read some poetry by Irish poets, like The Lake Isle of Innisfree.
  • Create an acrostic poem using IRELAND or EIRE.
  • Write your own version of an Irish story, such as Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato by Tomie DePaola.

  • Design a brochure or postcard for an Irish attraction or area.
  • Write a story with an Irish theme; you could include the Blarney Stone, for example.


  • Learn how to count in Irish with this video.

  • Find out the conversion rate from your local currency to euros (if you are not in the Eurozone) and convert sums of money from one currency to the other.
  • Make a pattern using shamrocks. There are plenty of downloadable templates on this page.
  • Measure ingredients for Irish soda bread. How much would you need to make two loaves? Or five?


  • Learn about Irish plants like shamrocks, gorse, rowan trees.
  • Write a fact file about native Irish animals, such as Connemara ponies, Irish hares, Irish setters and Galway sheep.
  • Read about Irish scientists like Robert Boyle, John Tyndall or Agnes Mary Clerke.


  • Create a digital presentation about Ireland’s top tourist destinations.
  • Code a leprechaun sprite game.
  • Try this game, which lets children first learn the names of the colours in Irish using flashcards and then test themselves.

Design Technology:


  • Paint or draw iconic Irish landscapes or landmarks such as Newgrange Tomb or the Skellig Islands.
  • Look at the work of an Irish artist such as Jack B. Yeats.
  • Make some environmental art using moss and other natural materials.


  • Sing Irish songs like “Rattlin’ Bog”.

  • Listen to some music by Irish musicians such as U2, The Corrs, and Boyzone.


  • Locate Ireland on a map and identify the major cities, rivers and mountains.
  • Colour an Irish Flag.
  • Compare the climate and landscape between Ireland and your local area.
  • Find out about the work of an Irish fisherman and use some of our ideas for the video The Oldest Man in the Sea.


Physical Education:

Religious Education:

  • Learn about how Saint Patrick introduced Christianity to Ireland. Our Saint Patrick Pack can be used to find out more about his life.
  • Use this page to create a calendar of Irish Saint’s Days.


  • Learn how to say hello and goodbye in Irish.


  • Lots of people have moved from Ireland to countries all over the world. Talk about what it feels like to move, and compare experiences of moving in the group.
  • Visit the Houses of the Oireachtas website to find out about democracy in Ireland.

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