Sunday, July 21, 2024

Story Circles

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

I’ve tried sitting students in a big circle and giving them each a personalized number (the students pick a number randomly from scraps of paper with a number on them). I started off by calling a random number, and that student must come up with a word, and before he/she sat down, she must also shout out the next number.

Once we have three words, then the 4th student being called out would have to come up with a story based on the three words. They were allowed 10 seconds to think of a word and 30 seconds to come out with a story; if otherwise, then they would have to carry out some “fun punishment” such as singing out loud, doing some dance or running about shouting some slogans. The teacher can restrict the words to certain topics or just let their creative juices run wild by not setting any topics.

Besides numbers, I’ve also tried passing two balls in different directions in the circle. The balls were passed around until the allocated time was up. The students who held on to the balls were then asked to give a word each. Once we had six words, the next two students who had the ball had to compete to see who can come up with a story 1st. The slower student was then asked to do a forfeit.

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