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Pirates, Pirates, Pirates

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
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This is an easy way to get children to write poetry and think of alliteration and adjectives.

Give children this format:

Pirates, pirates, pirates,
_______, ________, _______ pirates,
_______, _________, _______ pirates,
Pirates, pirates, pirates.

Give children a letter e.g. ā€˜cā€™. Children have to come up with three adjectives beginning with c to describe the pirates ā€“ cold, cunning, cut-throat.

You can use as many verses as you want and change the subject.

It can also be used to focus on syllables by getting the children to think of adjectives with 1,2, and then 3 syllables.

I have used this with years 3, 4 and 6 and found it to be very effective, especially with the lower ability children.

Jayne Starkie has created a PDF worksheet which can be used with this idea in the classroom:


Pirates Poem

Pirates Poem

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