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More Talking Textiles

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Penny Cussons


  • Literacy – Myths and Legends
  • Geography – Traditional African Myth

This topic is a great opportunity to link with a Literacy and geography topic, for example, Africa. Year 5 children looked carefully at an African Myth. They looked carefully at the main areas of the story and divided it carefully into the number of children in the class, so each child was responsible for representing a part of the story in art.

The children then designed their A4 art piece, telling their part of the story. They had previously looked at a range of traditional African art, so the children were encouraged to design their work using the same methods, designs, etc.

The children then drew their design onto an A4 piece using a pencil, and then drew the pencilled design using hot wax (Batik). Colour was then applied using traditional African colours.
The detail was added using sewing and/or collage. The children’s work was displayed in story order with one or two sentences below telling the African Myth. The border for the display was designed and coloured by the children. They drew African patterns on strips of paper and coloured them using felt tips. These were stapled together as a boarder.

This year we are looking at Indian, so will look at Indian Myths. The method of Batik was/is popular in Indian Art.

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