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Little Wolf Activities

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Tina Hucker

The activities below are all based on the book “Little Wolf’s Book of Badness” by Ian Whybrow.

  • Read ‘Little Wolf’s Book of Badness’ by Ian Whybrow.
  • Children can make a Wanted poster for Uncle Big Bad, using adjectives to describe him.
  • The letter on day 17 is a good introduction to rhyming poetry – can the children make up another rhyme?
  • Little Wolf has trouble with spelling. The children can use a dictionary to find the word he was trying to spell.
  • The letters are a great way to get the children to write their own letters pretending that they are either ‘Yeller’ or Mum or Dad replying to Little Wolf.
  • The story is about rules, and Little Wolf learns about them along the way. Can the children guess what the tenth rule of badness will be? They can then type them up on the computer for display.
  • The book is also great for looking at the characteristics of wolves in other stories and can lead on to loads of work on how wolves are portrayed.

You could get about a terms literacy work out of this book and other related wolf stories. Plus, the kids LOVE IT, especially the ‘rude’ bits. Happy reading!

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