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The Biscuit Business

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

The Idea

For a term-long project, you will need to split the class up into different-sized groups, which will become manufacturing companies. Each company should choose its own name and should appoint a company director / treasurer / design consultant and any number of production workers and tasters. Each company will then have the opportunity to choose a type of biscuit to sell (a range can be provided by the teacher) and sell it to the school through an “advertising” campaign. Groups may wish to survey the class / school to find out which types of biscuits will be most popular before they make their choice.

Setting up the companies

Once the companies have been set up, you will need to give them some “capital” so that the children can purchase stock and equipment. Set a rate at £10 and show the groups a list of equipment, including prices (equipment can include the biscuits themselves, packaging materials, plates on which to serve them etc). The companies would need to keep accounts which would include purchase and sales records. The treasurer would have to work out how much the biscuits would need to sell for in order to be able to make a profit.

Ideas for Advertising

  • Posters; well-coloured and eye-catching posters, placed in prominent locations around the school, might prove to be very effective.
  • An advert on a large screen while the school is getting ready for assembly will draw rapid attention to your new products.
  • Mail shot; a small A5 (or smaller) flyer advertising the product can be sent home to parents detailing times and locations for purchases.
  • Television Adverts; using a video camera the companies could make their own advertising campaign. Once edited, this could be shown at morning assemblies or during PTA / Governor meetings.
  • Free tasting; setting up a stall during lunch or play time, giving away free samples of new biscuits while selling the well-known varieties.
  • Link sales; Will the customers require a drink after tasting your product? Would they like a topping?
  • Headteachers could charge the companies for prominent advertising space or allocated time slots during assemblies / registration.

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