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Vehicle Nets

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Adam Belcher

Just print the nets below, cut them out and stick them together to make some fantastic little vehicles! Here are some suggested ways that you can use these resources with your own children…

  • Use the nets to teach your children about important construction skills (cutting / scoring / folding / glueing). Remind them about the importance of tabs when joining the sides together… should the tabs be glued on the inside or the outside of the vehicle?
  • Enlarge each net using a photocopier to create bigger vehicles!
  • Look at the shapes used to create each net. How many circles / squares / rectangles can the children see?
  • Ask your class to try and create their own simple vehicle nets using pencil / paper or software on the computer.
  • Cut out each part of the net, jumble them up and try to put them together like a jigsaw.
  • Challenge your class to decorate the ‘black and white’ nets in different ways. Should they be decorated before or after construction? Can you have a class competition to find the best-decorated vehicle… or ask your children to decorate the vehicle according to a particular theme (e.g. Superheroes).

If you have any other ideas for using these resources, let us know by leaving a comment below…


Vehicle Nets

Vehicle Nets

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