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Wet Play Ideas

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Kelly Rayson

At wet playtime/lunchtimes, ALWAYS ensure you have resources available. I had a ‘wet play’ drawer full of colouring in sheets and crosswords/word searches. The children can get bored very quickly if a video is just put on. It also helps to keep them sitting in their seats too.

Debbie has suggested the following idea…

What about looking up on the internet for some easy origami (Origami-club)? I asked the children who would be interested in doing some Origami, and we made one of those things that you put on your fingers and move it about with your fingers. Sorry, I don’t know what it is called, but I will try and describe…. you write numbers on the outside of each quarter of the paper, the person chooses a number, and then they choose a colour (on the inside), then they lift up the flap of paper and look underneath, and there is a silly message inside which they wrote… Oh yes, I know, I hear you say!

We used to make these when I was a kid. They are super easy, and the kids really love making them. Also, you could try asking the kids to get a book they all like and act it out to the rest of the kids that maybe do not want to act. Hope this helps.

Doulla Kleanthous has suggested this idea:

I am a year one teacher, and my class love to draw pictures during wet play. To avoid them using lots of sheets of scrap paper and a lot of mess, I have given them each a ‘wet play book’ to use, which they keep in their draws-they love them! They are really proud of them and try hard to keep their pictures etc. neat as they know that they keep their books when they are completed, and nothing is thrown away like sheets of paper!

A guest has contributed this idea:

In my class, I leave a challenge on the whiteboard for the children to complete. One example is ‘Can you design a new board game?’. My class now look forward to wet plays.

Do you have any other ideas for wet play activities? Why not suggest some in the comments area?

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