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by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
C Bigwood

This idea is a great way to improve behaviour during those boring register times.

Firstly I have a 100 square up in the classroom, and children earn ticks on their 100 square for working hard etc. If they tick off all 100, then they are allowed to choose a class treat. I usually do this as part of circle time or class council.

Before doing the register, choose a child to be your ‘pair of eyes’. Their job is to watch the rest of the class to make sure they are sitting quietly and listening. Once the register and all the other business have been done – the eyes have to report back on what they thought of the class. If they think the class has sat beautifully, then they have earned two ticks on their 100 square. If one or two children were not sitting quietly, then the class earns 1 tick. If more than that were not sitting sensibly, then no ticks on the 100 square.

You can also ask the ‘eyes’ periodically throughout the register how the class is doing so that they can earn back any ticks.

It doesn’t take long to get the kids into the routine – mine now come into the classroom in the morning so quietly because they want to be chosen as my ‘pair of eyes’!! It also takes a lot of stress and strain out of the beginning of the day.

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