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Playing Card Points

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Ms. Murray

Materials required:

  • A deck of playing cards

Write “teacher” and “students” on the board & award each team 100 points to start. Tell the students that the goal is to be the 1st team to earn 1,000!

To begin, a student picks two cards from the deck & used them to make a 2-digit number (i.e. 3 & 6 can be 36 or 63)

Make sure the students know an ace is worth 1, and the face cards can be any number 0-9.

Explain that when the two cards are the same colour, the 2-digit number is ADDED to their score, but when they are different colours, it is SUBTRACTED.

When the student decides on their 2-digit number, write the number on the board and allow time for the students to solve the problem (i.e. calculate their new score).

Next, the teacher takes his/her turn, and so on.

If 1,000 is not reached by the end of maths time, continue the game another day.

If a team loses all its points – the game is over.

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