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Team Of The Week

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Christian Davies

Football has a strong appeal for a lot of children, so what I did with my class was created a 3D football shirt (children stuck badges of their favourite teams over it!) using cardboard boxes and card to shape the shirt and then cut an opening at the front, like a letterbox.

I then designed slips for the children to fill in to nominate their peers for good work, behaviour etc – the children would write down their reasons at the end of Friday afternoon and then post them into the shirt. Some may argue that this may result in children voting for their friends, but I personally found that this wasn’t the case. Many suggested reasons which I was unaware of, e.g. behaviour in the playground etc.

The three children with the most votes each week had the opportunity to hang their shirts on display (a small template of a shirt was used for the children to draw round and design on A4 paper (this was laminated and kept in their trays) and choose a sweet from the mini-mixture jar!!

I found this had a positive effect and worked well with a class that had social difficulties.

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