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Gorgeous Children Grid

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Ceri Shahrokhshahi

This classroom reward idea works really well – on each child’s desk, I stick a grid with 20 squares on. Their names are at the top, with three targets (achievable ones!).

This grid is called the “Gorgeous Children Grid”. Each day I hand out 20 stickers for those children meeting their targets. I do not stick them on the grid – I stick them on their noses, ears or under their chins. They then either stick them straight on the grid or, in most cases, will wear the stickers on their ears all day.

I also get the class to appoint a sticker monitor who hands out 20 stickers a day (at the end of each lesson, the child will hand the stickers to the recipients). I make sure the stickers grids are full, and we all have a “gorgeous children” reward session on a Friday for half an hour. They can then take their grids home if they wish or can display them in the classroom in an area they choose.

Based on fun, reward and humour, it is a system that has never failed to work on even the hardiest of hearts!

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