Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Magic Carpet

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-7

I was teaching reception children about other cultures.

I used the idea of a magic carpet ride to transport them to the country (use a colourful blanket as the carpet) – we closed our eyes and imagined the journey – I then showed them on a globe where we had come from and where we had landed.

I made passports and stamped them as the children went to their various activities.

Sharon Ashworth has suggested… This idea can also be extended into cooking the relevant foods from these countries visited. This is where parents can come and help, especially if they are from that particular country and can share their ideas with the children.

A visitor has shared the following addition… “I used the book ‘My granny went to market’ with a group of six children and had a wonderful time. We used a magic carpet at the beginning of each session, with the children sitting on it and ‘flying’ to their destination, describing what they could see. They used a floor map and string to detail the journeys Granny made. They chose a project from the book, weaving, and each completed a beautiful piece of work. The book certainly covered cross-curriculum, and the children still talk about it. I could write reams on their enthusiasm and what I learned from them and the fun we had.”

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