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Tiled Images

Tiled Images Display

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Hein Bester

This is a display idea I got a couple of years ago while teaching in London. All the children love doing it because they all play a part in making the display.

  • Depending on the cross-curricular links you want to make, you basically draw your picture(s) on the back of the normal backing paper.
  • Add in extra lines and then cut it into A4-sized tiles.
  • Number the tiles, and then each child gets a tile to colour (pastels work best).
  • After all the tiles have been coloured, you put the pieces back together and BOOM! MASTERPIECE!

This specific design had an IPC / Geography link with different landmarks from around the world, plus the face of Sheikh Mohammed from Dubai (where I currently teach). Now you just have to put labels next to it with some creative questions. Can you find all the different landmarks? For people who shy away from art, you can use a projector to shine images on your blank page and then just copy the outlines. The children can even help with this phase, and they enjoy doing it.”

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