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Footballers In Action

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

I’ve often used this idea as part of a “People in Action” unit. It’s a great way of encouraging children to really look closely at people who are moving and in an “action” pose.

First, find some recent football photos on a news / sports site and print them out (copy them into Word / Publisher and stretch them to fill an A4 page if possible). I usually pick photos from the previous night’s or weekend’s matches.

At the start of the lesson, look at the photos, and discuss the type of actions taking place. Demonstrate how to copy the poses / actions onto a separate page. Depending on the ability of the children, you might want to introduce a grid system…

Art Grid

Draw this grid over the football photo, and also give the children a piece of paper with the grid on it (see below for a PDF template). The children then have nine smaller pictures to copy, instead of one large one. They can also use the grid to help them work out the positions of the shapes / lines / colours within the photo.

It’s also an extremely motivating activity for any children who particularly like football, especially as the photos are so recent. Of course, this doesn’t have to be limited to football… photos from any sport could be used.


Art Grid

Art Grid

Download File

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