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Toy Reviews

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

There are lots of different types of toys, and giving children a chance to review them helps them to think about a wide range of aspects of each toy. Ask children to test and then write reviews of a number of toys. They could include:

  • Target audience – Which age group is the toy aimed at? Is it more likely to appeal to girls or boys?
  • Individual / collaborative / competitive – Is the toy only for use by one person at a time, or can others play with it? Does it encourage children to work together or compete against each other?
  • Educational rating – What will children learn by playing with the toy?
  • Price – Does it represent good value for money?
  • Special requirements – Does the toy need additional equipment (e.g. batteries) or special skills from the player (e.g. ability to read / spell)?
  • Fun – Is the toy fun to play with? How long might children enjoy playing with it?
  • Overall rating – How many stars would children give the toy (out of five / ten)?

Reviews could be written or recorded using audio / video recorders. Some review templates are provided below. Children can also look at toy reviews on popular shopping websites for some ideas. They could also explore the Good Toy Guide for some more ideas.

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Toy Review Template

Toy Review Template – Version 1

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Toy Review Template

Toy Review Template – Version 2

Download File

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