Musical Elements

Fun games, activity ideas and resources to help your children develop their understanding of musical elements.

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The Dinner Train

An exciting song, involving various types of food, all sung in the style of a train!
5 - 7

Soft Toys and Rhythm

A set of ideas for using soft toys to help develop rhythm.
5 - 11

Don't Clap This One Back

A fun game which can be used in music lessons, or as a learning break between subjects.
5 - 11

The Sound Rap

Introduce rhythm to your children using this wonderful technique.
3 - 11

High, Low and Middle

A fun game to encourage children to listen carefully to pitch.
5 - 11

Tea Coffee Coffee Tea

This is an excellent way of introducing children to the concept of rhythm.
5 - 11

Hunt the Object

A fun activity which reinforce the children's knowledge of pitch and dynamics.
5 - 11

The Magician's Hat

A brilliant way of getting children involved in music lessons.
7 - 11

Musical Elements Song

A fantastic song to help children remember the musical elements.
5 - 11

The Rhythm Machine

An enjoyable, collaborative activity to help children create and listen to different rhythms.
5 - 11

Body Percussion

 A fun activity which requires concentration and co-ordination.

Pass a Rhythm

A simple game which develops children's sense of rhythm.
7 - 11

Animal Magic Plans

A complete set of plans for teaching the QCA Unit 3A.
5 - 11

The Clapping Game

A great game which encourages careful listening and repetition of rhythm patterns.
5 - 11

Rhythmic Patterns

A fun group activity in which children play different rhythmic patterns, and then make up their own.