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Other Parachute Games

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Change Over:

MUSHROOM the chute and call out a command, e.g. “Change over if you are wearing red”. Everyone wearing red has to run under the chute to the opposite side before the chute lands on them (although that is part of the fun).

Musicless Chairs:

Number the children by threes around the chute so that you have an equal number of ones, twos and threes evenly spread out. Mushroom the chute, then call out a number and also a description of who you would like them to act as.

For example, if you call out: “Mushroom… Number ones are ballerinas”, all of the number ones have to cross under the chute, acting like ballerinas on the way.


Jaws Parachute Game

Everyone should sit on the floor in a circle, holding the parachute stretched out with their legs underneath it. The chute is the sea, and the children are all sitting on the beach, happily dipping their toes in the water. By shaking the edge of the chute, you will produce a realistic rippling wave effect.

Once the waves are going well, choose someone to be the shark, and tell them to disappear under the chute. They should move around underneath, and because of the waves, it is difficult to know where they are. The shark chooses a victim and grabs them by the feet. The victim will then let out a scream and disappear under the chute. The new person then becomes a shark. The old shark can become a bather or continue being a shark (depending on the teacher’s decision).

Cat and Mouse:

Cat and Mouse Parachute Game

Everyone should stand in a circle holding the chute stretched out at about waist height. Someone becomes a mouse and goes underneath. Someone else becomes a cat and goes on top. The cat tries to catch the mouse, but with everyone billowing the chute, it is impossible to see where it is.

Every now and then, you can give the cat a clue by lowering the chute to reveal the mouse and then raise it again to help the mouse get away. You can try the game with two or three mice and two or three cats.

The following idea was contributed by Michele Berry:

Washing Machine:

We do a washing machine routine – 1/2 the children are the machine; 1/2 the washing.

Just like the washing routine: in goes the washing (children sit under the parachute), in goes the powder – and mix – give the parachute a good shake. The washing turns one way – run around in a circle turning the parachute – then the other. Rinse (shake), turn (circle) again. Shake and then dry – Up and down in big movements.

Repeat – reversing roles of children – GREAT FUN!

Sailors and monsters:

(contributed by Amy Van Walsum)

Stand around the outside of the parachute and pick up and slide half underneath and half out. There are three “monsters” and two sailors. The monsters are underneath the parachute and try to pull people under. The sailors are outside the parachute and try to prevent the people from going under.

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